After School Anxiety: Student to Student tips

If you are in your last year of senior high school (sixth form or college in the UK), things can be very daunting!

A lot of students are still undecided about which course they want to take at university, which university to apply, or even to skip university completely! whichever your current situation, I want you to sit back and relax!

We all have been in that situation and almost every student is in the same boat. Let’s explore your options together 😉

Studying at university: Local (Private vs Government funded vs Abroad)

If you choose to pursue higher education, you need to know what type of higher education provider you are going to apply. A local government funded university may be a lot cheaper than a privately owned university, but private university may have better facilities and networking opportunities. Some university will be very hard to get into, so you will need a strong academic background to enter.

If you want to study abroad, you should prepare as early as possible. You may need to prepare yourselves for the language requirement, visa, entry test, etc.

There is a lot of things to consider, such as location, cost, facilities, prestige, and obviously what modules the university could offer to you on your chosen course! Some university offers scholarship for students with less privileged background and student with strong achievement (if you won a competition, if you’ve created something or contribute to community, if you have good grades), you may want to keep your eyes on this offer.

You could check Top University website to know about your university rank, entry requirement, etc.

Taking gap year

Taking gap year is definitely the best options if you want a short break after all of that school year! after all, not everybody would like to keep studying for years and years without break, and that is totally understandable.

You may wish to explore new things such as new place (local or abroad), new hobbies, meet new people, do some volunteering activities to keep your mind fresh, getting new knowledge as well as the break you deserve. The time you spend on your gap year could be filled with amazing opportunities/activities that will be beneficial later in life, this period could also mean you have more time to think about what you would like to do after the gap year end.

Start working immediately

Whether you want to take some work placement, internship, or apprenticeship, it’s all up to you! getting practical experience is definitely valuable these days – as we are aware, the job market is getting more and more competitive. Starting a job straight after finishing school could means lower pay and it could be harder since most schools didn’t provide pupils with enough knowledge/experience to choose this option (Ikr!).

However, there are plenty of apprenticeships and short internship out there that would accept your school diploma! start booking an appointment with your school/college career counsellor, they may know some place that is perfect for you 😀

Another option is to start your own business! we are young and this is the perfect time for us to learn!!!

My current motto in life is, if I am going to fail, then I might as well fail a lot now and learn from my mistakes, give me enough time and I will thrive!

As a conclusion, we have briefly discussed the positive and negative sides of each option. Do know that your options are not limited to the three that I presented in this post. It’s always useful to understand what you are good at (everybody is good at something!), discuss what you want with your career counsellor at school/college, friends, and family.

Remember that the last decision will be yours and good luck!!!


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